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      Business &Products

      • International Trade

      • Equipment Manufacturing

      • High-end Medical care

      • Food distribution

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    2. Functional Material Trading

      As an integrator of the upstream industry chain of FPD&OLED, TOMI has good cooperation performance with Chinese customers and overseas suppliers and plays an important role in providing key materials for domestic customers constantly.

      TOMI provides suppliers with precise market analysis, reduces the risk of unmarketable product to make it a success. To meet the demands of the customers, we recommend the most appropriate product for them, and assist them with testing as well as improving until their mass production starts. Our team is on-site with their professional & excellent skill. Our solution runs through all the process including pre-sale, under-sale, after-sale, helping customers to learn well about the new equipment and materials quickly in a short time.

      High-tech Equipment Trading

      About TEET

      TTEET is engaged in supporting foreign equipment manufactures to explore the Chinese mainland market recommending and introducing high-quality equipment and parts with numerous performance in the industry for end clients in the FPD industry assisting ma.

      Technology Consulting

      Our service

      Shanghai TOMI Investment Co., Ltd introduced foreign advanced technology to China, successfully promoted the technology transfer cooperation of famous enterprises in FPD industry at home and abroad, provided a comprehensive technology transfer platform fo

      Laser Equipment Manufacturing 

      Flexible OLED Module Cutting/

      Flexible OLED Cell Cutting/

      Laser Lift Off(DPSS)/

      Laser Annealing

      (Solid state Laser Annealing)/

      Glass Cutting/

      Film Cutting & Patterning/ Wafer Dicing/ Chip Scale Marking

      Automation Equipment

      3D Glass Forming

      3D Glass Polishing

      Automated Logistics System

      UTG Coating Process Equipment

      - Spray Coater

      - Slit Die Coater

      - Glass Slimming

      - Bending Tester

      Precision Equipment Manufacturing 

      We focus on the precision parts of semiconductor industry,FPD OLED industry.Our product is hinge components,which is used on foldable cell phone. 

      Precision Machine Tool

      Jig Grinder

      Optical curve grinding machine

      High precision forming grinder

      Precision surface grinder

      3D printer cutting machine 

      Hinge Manufacturing 

      In-folding Hinge

      We can provide high end customized in-folding hinge total solution.

      Out-folding Hinge

      We can provide high end customized out-folding hinge total solution.

      Proton Therapy System

      We offer one of the most advanced cancer treatments available, adopting specific and precise treatment methods for each patient with minimal side effects. Our long-term partner, Sumitomo Heavy Industries, has been providing cancer treatment solutions worldwide to help patients fight cancer.


      Back in the late 19th century, scientists discover the benefits of probiotic bacteria on our health. Russian scientist and Nobel laureate Ilya Mechnikov has devoted a good part of his career to studying bacteria and its positive effect on our overall health, especially the digestive and immune systems.

      Catering Business Division

      Bella Mia Italian Restaurant (Shanghai Flagship Store)

      Bella Mia Italian Restaurant (Shanghai Experience Store) is located in Shanghai Red Point City (Hongdiancheng). The shop specializes in handmade thin-bottom Italian pizza as well as high-quality Japanese Wagyu Beef dishes. Pizza adopts traditional Italian fermentation technology, kneading by hand, full of crispy fillings at the bottom, bringing you the enjoyment of traditional Italian cuisine. search keywords of https://www.dianping.com/shanghai : Bella Mia Italian Pizza and Steak
      Address:Address: L1-116-2, 1st Floor, Building 1, Red Point City(Hongdiancheng), Lane 1809, Qishen Road, Minhang District, Shanghai
      Tel:Tel: 021-34619627

      Bella Mia Italian Restaurant (Chengdu Flagship Store)

      Bella Mia Italian Restaurant (Chengdu Experience Store) is located in Pidu District, Chengdu. Since the restaurant’s establishment in Hengshan Road, Shanghai in 2011, it has been personally managed by the executive chef from Rome! The pizza in the restaurant is handmade! Authentic! We always insist on putting love and enthusiasm into every Italian cuisine because this is our only mission! search keywords of https://www.dianping.com/shanghai :Bella Mia Italian Restaurant

      Address:Address: No. 103-105, 1st floor, Building 8, Haijundacheng, Chuangzhi Beihuan Road, Pidu District, Chengdu
      Tel:Tel: 028-63948565

      Red Wine Business Division

      TOMI Red Wine Business Division

      The world's top collection imported with original packaging
      Address:Address: Room 1710, South Tower, Fortune 108 Plaza, No. 1839, Qishen Road, Minhang District, Shanghai
      Tel:Tel: Li, Xingbing 138-1816-2288

      Wagyu Business Division

      TOMIZEN Wagyu Restaurant (Chengdu Flagship Store)

      TOMIZEN Wagyu Restaurant (Chengdu Experience Store) is located in Haijundacheng, Pidu District, Chengdu. We strictly select Australian cattle grazing naturally, and the average day of grain feeding exceeds 450 days. The taste of the Wagyu beef is delicate and mellow. The Marbling in the beef is evenly distributed, and the beef is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. We adhere to the business philosophy of providing customers with the best ingredients, top service, and are committed to sharing the top Wagyu Beef from Australia to every valued customer. search keywords of https://www.dianping.com/shanghai : TOMIZEN Wagyu Restaurant
      Address:Address: No. 146, 1st Floor, Building 7, haijundacheng, Chuangzhibeihuan Road, Pidu District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province
      Tel:Tel: 028-68745850

      TOMIZEN Wagyu Restaurant (Shanghai Flagship Store)

      TOMIZEN Wagyukan (Shanghai Experience Store), located in Red Point City (Hongdiancheng), Shanghai, serves Teppanyaki cuisine. The most distinctive feature is the direct purchase of the highest quality Wagyu Beef whole cattle from Australian ranches. After each part is carefully cooked by the chef, the ingredients are further sublimated. Come and enjoy a feast of Wagyu Beef together.
      Address:Address: b1-175, Building 1, Lane 1809, Qishen Road, Minhang District, Shanghai
      Tel:Tel: 021-34619627

      Research & Development

      TOMI builds core independent intellectual property rights through high-end functional materials &advanced process technology development by itself. Relying on its strong market Team Capacity, a unique industry ecosphere of TOMI is forming, and then it helps to develop new products and new customers efficiently.
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      Tomi Smart Manufacture

      We consider upstream and downstream customers, employees, shareholders, environment and society as long-term partners. We observe our business philosophy of "Modesty, Honesty, Generosity and Authenticity", respect nature, respect partners, pursue common development, and create a sustainable development ecosystem together.
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      Investor Relations

      Basing on the principle of Complementary advantages, Resource sharing and Win-Win cooperation, TOMI has established long term partnership with our customers both at home and abroad. Together, we explore innovations using a market-oriented approach, conduct research in applications and key technologies, achieving a benign cooperative relationship.
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      Join Us

      People-oriented is the core culture of TOMI. And we’re committed to providing an open platform, where each talented individual can be recognized and respected. So, bring your best self, and let’s invent a better tomorrow together!
      TOMI is looking forward to your joining!
      JOIN US
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